NIAIC Support Lead-In Time for Tests Resuming

Following a meeting on 13th April 2021, and with rumours surrounding the resumption of driving lessons and tests, NIAIC have recommended a lead in time to the DVA.

The Northern Ireland Approved Instructor Council (NIAIC) have sent a recommendation to the DVA that there should be approximately a 2 week lead-in period, between lessons resuming and driving tests starting back. We know that many learner drivers, particularly those with no opportunity to practice privately, will have had no driving experience for several months. It is therefore unreasonable to ask them to present for a driving test with no opportunity for training.

This lead in period is roughly in line with the system operating in England, Scotland and Wales. Whilst the decision on the date to resume testing rests with the DVA (following authorisation from the NI Executive) we wanted to highlight instructors' views on training resuming.

We understand that this is a frustrating time, with rumours rampant and uncertainty at its peak, please rest assured that the NI Instructor Council continues to work behind the scenes to help the industry get back on its feet.


The Northern Ireland Approved Instructor Council (NIAIC) is the stakeholder group for the driver training industry in Northern Ireland. NIAIC is comprised of various instructor associations throughout the country and is independent from any particular association. Details of all associations involved in the council can be found at

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