Driving Lessons & Tests Cancelled - 16th October 2020

NIAIC (Northern Ireland Approved Instructor Council) have received official confirmation that the DVA will be suspending driving tests for the next 4 weeks from the 16th October 2020.

DVA have confirmed in a statement that all driving tests will be suspended for a period of 4 weeks until Friday 13th November at 5:59pm

The booking system is due to be closed today. And will not re-open during whilst the current restrictions are in place.

This cancellations of driving tests will apply to all categories of driver testing, including cars, busses, lorries and motorcycles. The DVA are in contact with the NI Executive to try and reopen those categories that would not be considered close contact: i.e. motorcycles, busses, etc.

Any candidate who has had their test cancelled, will be refunded and contacted by the DVA to reschedule their tests. Please do not advise candidates to try and book a test at the moment. It is estimated that there are 2500 cancelled tests over the next month, and these candidates will have a 'flag' against them to try and get them tests as soon as the restrictions lift. The DVA stated that due to the current availability, it is possible that some of the candidates who had their tests cancelled, may be waiting until January/February 2021 for a test date. There will be no extension to theory tests and no key worker priority lists.

Theory tests will be continuing as normal throughout this period.

The DVA confirmed that there will be no compensation paid to candidates who had their test cancelled with less than 3 working days notice.

Claire Devlin, Registrar, stated that the DVA were only made aware that lessons and tests would cease this morning, and had no prior notice of the imminent closure of the tests or interruption of lessons.

The DVA requested that, where possible, instructors who wish to make contact with the DVA about these issues, do so via NIAIC, rather than individually or through various MLAs. This reduces the overall admin time responding to queries or concerns, allowing them to work on trying to get testing started again where possible. Details of all associations in the stakeholder group of NIAIC can be found at

Driving lessons will be illegal in the new regulations starting at 6:00pm on Friday 16th October 2020. The restrictions are expected to end on Friday 13th November 2020 at 5:59pm.

Any further updates regarding lessons or tests will be added below as we receive them.

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