The idea for this type of stakeholder group came from the then Minister, Arlene Foster, when she was asked by the Northern Ireland Approved Driving Instructors Association (NIADIA) and the Driving Instructors Association Northern Ireland (DIANI) to meet with both groups to discuss issues and ideas that the associations wanted to put to the Minster. The Minister met with both associations separately in October 2007 but suggested to each that it would be better if they could form a single over-arching representative body capable of presenting the views of the industry as a whole.


Both associations agreed this was a good idea and that they would be keen to actively engage in such a group.  Whilst the Agency acknowledged that good relationships already existed with the ADI associations they, like the Minister, also felt that they could be further improved if a larger representative body could be formed to engage more meaningfully with the Agency and, in partnership, take forward proposals for significant strategic change in driver training and testing.

DINAC (Driving Instructors National Association Council) was formed in 2008, as a single key stakeholder group, to speak with authority on the wide range of views and opinions held by the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) industry when engaging or consulting with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (“the Agency”), the Department of the Environment (“the Department”) and the Minister’s office.  

In January 2010, the AMI register was introduced.  In establishing this register, the Agency recognised that there may also be a need to establish a motorcycle instructor’s stakeholder group similar to that for the driving instructor industry.

Formal contact between the Agency and NIAIC is through formal meetings, where issues are raised and discussed.  The ADI / AMI Registrar and Deputy Registrar attend these meetings and outside of the formal meetings, the Agency meets with NIAIC representatives by appointment, or by informal telephone conversation or correspondence exchange.  The Agency also has a key role in facilitating meetings between NIAIC, the Minister and other Government officials.

Good practice for stakeholder groups recommends that regular reviews should be conducted to ensure that the Terms of Reference remains relevant, focused and fit for purpose.  The Terms of Reference for DINAC was agreed in 2008 and reviewed in 2015 were the name was changed to Northern Ireland Approved Instructor Council (NIAIC) to represent the views and opinions was for the whole instructor industry, rather than one aspect of it.

Example of NIAICs Work

  • Through discussion, with all parties involved, was instrumental in the introduction of the current ADI, AMI and PDI badges. This requires them to be on display when instruction is taking place, to reduce the risk of a pupil being taught by an illegal instructor.

  • Responds to the DVA with the views of instructor associations in regards to any relevant consultations; such as the proposed planned changes to driver and rider training and testing for new drivers. (Graduated Driving Licence)


  • Involved in the consultation process for the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill, this is progressing through the Northern Ireland Assembly’s legislative process before the changes can come into effect.


Membership NIAIC


Membership is open to ADIs from driving associations, AMIs from motorcycle associations and driving schools with the intention of  a single representative industry stakeholder group.

Memberships is by application only and has to be approved by the existing members.

If you are an Instructor and wish to join an association to have your voice heard or get involved with NIAIC look for the poster in Driving Test Centres with all contact details or contact the NIAIC Chair (email: chair@niaic.com) or Secretary.

The following Associations are represented:

  • East Antrim ADI Association

  • Mid-Ulster ADI Association 

  • Northern Ireland ADI Association (NIADIA)

  • ADI North East (ADINE)

  • Omagh & District ADI Association


Presently inactive and not on the council:

  • Armagh ADI Association

  • Causeway ADI Association (CADIA)

  • Driving Instructors Association NI (DIANI)

  • North-Down ADI Association

  • Driving Instructors Association GB (DIA)

  • North-West ADI Association